October 17, 2014

Editorial - Delaware Valley Ranks "Best" so far as MAC Host

Doylestown, PA - The Monday before the DelVal Vs. Lycoming battle of the unbeatens, I decided to try to get a Skype call with DelVal head coach Duke Greco. So I called the Aggies Associate Athletic Director / Sports Information Director Matt Levy.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that Matt went overboard in helping me, even though this was a homecoming game for the Aggies. He not only insured that I would be able to talk to Duke, but he gave me a personal phone number for the connection.

Later that week, I put on my headset with microphone and called coach Greco. He answered and I told him that I owned www.MACfb.com. I also felt obliged to tell him that I was a graduate of Lycoming College (Class of '77), but I also loved Middle Atlantic Conference football. I further explained that I wanted the MAC football teams to get more exposure on the Net. That is why I decided to buy the domain name and start the site in November of 2013.

I felt at first that Duke was a little skeptical of my intentions when I first talked to him. But as the recorded interview progressed, he seemed more relaxed and willing to talk about the team he was very proud of. (Listen to that interview)

Matt Levy also insured me that I would have a parking spot at the stadium and that was much appreciated. He also insured me that I would have a field pass. In fact, he sent one down from the press box once I arrived at the field, just in case I forgot to pick mine up at the "Will Call" window. Now that was over and above the call of duty.

Fast forward to game day Saturday. I found Duke on the field and I introduced myself to him. Even though he was very busy, he told me to stay were I was as he went back into his office. Shortly, he came out with "Two" DelVal football teeshirts. One XL and the other XXL. By the way, it is obvious he took a good look at my physique. And he is a good judge of shirt sizes.

I got a big kick out of his next statement. He said with a rye smile on his face, "I know that if you put the shirt on, you will probably burn your skin!" That comment had me chuckling for most of the first half of the game.

Now, if you were living in a cave, you probably don't know that DelVal defeated Lycoming in a 52-42 shootout. After the game, I interviewed Duke about his big win. He was very modest about the win and he put all the praise on his coaching staff. He explained that he was so proud of his players, ie. QB Aaron Wilmer, Rb Chris Smallwood, Wr Rasheed Bailey, the defense, and the list went on.

So my experience with Delaware Valley and the professionalism of the entire football program has me still in a "WOW" state of mind. They made my passion for MAC football even more enjoyable. Sorry to say that some schools don't seem to care that much, but Delaware Valley is a high standard that I will always remember. First impressions stick with you a long time and Delaware Valley will not wear off on me anytime soon.

Thank you for your service DelVal to this start-up website that is passionate about MAC football.

PS: Although I am a Lycoming College graduated, who has been going to all home and away games since 1996, I am committed to being impartial on this site. It is my vision and promise to promote all teams as equally as possible given information forwarded to me. If you feel I am favoring a team, just email me. And yes, if you want to be an editor or contributor of articles, photos and video of your MAC team, feel free to contact me.

PSS: Since I live in Williamsport, PA, I have not considered Lycoming College as a contender for "Best MAC Host."