October 17, 2014

Editorial - Is Widener Ripe for an Upset?

Plymouth Meeting, PA - I'm sitting in a very friendly Starbucks right now in Plymouth Meeting getting things ready for my visit to the Widener Vs. Wilkes game in Chester, PA tomorrow. I'm excited to be going to the game. Widener is ranked 13th in the Nation in Division III and Wilkes is an up and coming team in the MAC. Actually, Wilkes is like a wounded grizzly bear right now and that can be danger to anyone around them,.

Visiting Widener was a choice I made on Tuesday rather than going to see the DelVal Vs Stevenson game at Stevenson. Having just photographed and videoed that game last week, I wanted to get other MACfb teams into my lens. But make not mistake, that DelVal Vs Stevenson game should be a good one. The question is, can Stevenson find a way to slow up the DelVal Aggies offense who are running and passing wild these days. You will never keep pace with this race horse, so you have to figure out how to put obstacles into their way.

Sorry to digress, now back to the Widener game . It is my belief that Widener had better not be looking ahead to next weeks game with Lycoming College (5-1, 4-1 MAC) or they will be struggling with the hurry up offense of Wilkes and there solid defense. It is a type of game that is a classic set up for an upset. If Widener playeers are thinking, "We are leading the MAC and Wilkes is middle of the pack," they could be on the edge of frustration tomorrow. By they way, this is not the first rodeo Wilkes head coach Trey Brown has saddled up for in his varied coaching experiences.

I'm sure Widener Head Coach Mike Kelly is well aware of the dangers of looking ahead.  I tried to get an interview with him on Wednesday and Thursday but for some odd reason, the school never connected him with www.MACfb.com. So we don't know what is really on his mind right now. I so wanted you fans to hear his thoughts. Maybe the next time I contact the schoiol, connections will be smoother or easier. They certainly weren't this week.

Anyway, tomorrow, I will be getting all the good shots I can and hopefully all the touchdowns on video. I do really love the Middle Atlantic Conference and the parity of this league. There are exciting games coming down the stretch and I hope to be at most of them. Be sure to check out the photos,videos, plus post game interviews right here on Sunday evening from the game.