October 22, 2015

Mr. MAC - My Football Picks for Week 8 caused a brain drain!

Mr. MAC - My Football Picks Week 8
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SATURDAY October 24

Bendon Irving
Lebanon Valley 28 Vs Wilkes 13

Lebanon Valley has been playing well lately and this Saturday will be no exception. They will spoil Family Weekend for the Colonels. Earlier in the year, Wilkes held off DelVal in the red zone five times in a great win, but Lebanon Valley scores 20 out of 24 times from the red paint. The Dutchman's star junior running back Brendon Irving will give Wilkes fits as he averages 136 yards rushing per game and over 6 yards per carry. This game goes to the Dutchman.

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A MACfb.com File Photo
Widener 31 Vs Stevenson 27 (Game to Watch)

I like both teams in this matchup, but I can only pick one. Stevenson is coming on this year, but has not made it to the top yet in the MAC. For me, that means I have to pick a team which has been at the top recently. That team is Widener. They have the depth to defeat the Mustangs. Wideners defense is incredible allowing teams into their 20 yard line only 12 times. They allowed only 5 touchdowns from the red zone after six games. Two of those were Albright, 2-2. This is an incredible stat and one that I believe the Pride will expand upon. Widener wins this one in a close battle!

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Tom Hehre
King's 35 Vs Misericordia 10

It looks like King's will be on a two game winning streak as they will dominate Misericordia. Unfortunately, the Cougars are on a skid right now. I don't see them making waves verses the Monarchs. King's has a nice passing attack and a running game. They can finish games as they demonstrated against the Warriors last week. They took the ball with a little over three minutes remaining in the game and scored with 52 seconds to spare. Look for sophomore wide receiver Marquis Miller to continue making great catches as his hands are like glue on a football. And senior quarterback Tom Hehre has the maturity and leadership to put another on the King's side of the ledger. King's wins this one!

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Brian Wickkiser
DelVal 21 Vs Albright 24 (Game of the Week)
This game should be a barn burner. And the barn is coming down, but who's barn will it be? So I decided to flip a coin on this one to pick a winner. And out of ten flips, five came up DelVal and five favored Albright. So I had to make a tough decision. I looked into the crystal ball and saw that a field goal would be the difference.

In this game you will one of the best defenses in the conference come to Reading. The Aggies defense knows how to play ball. And yes I know, defenses win ball games, but Albright has such a well rounded team. Great offense, highlighted by junior running back Brian Wickkiser. He is a brutal weapon for any defense. Speaking of defense, Albright has a good one plus an above average special teams. They seem to have it all. I know DelVal has struggled inside the red zone, something they have been working on. So that could hurt them if a fix is not found. But remember DelVal has had two weeks to prepare for the Lions. In the end, bring in Albright's All-American field goal kicker Daniel Sobolewski to win this one. Game goes to Albright!

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Blake Bowman
FDU-Florham 17 Vs Lycoming 27
This game is not as clear cut as it would appear. FDU-Florham's strength is their passing attack. Lycoming's weakness this year is their passing defense. Lycoming's defense has had trouble putting pressure on the passer and the secondary positions have been inconsistent. But I believe the Warrior running game will prevail. They have Blake Bowman, a powerful junior from Valley View, Pa. / Tri-Valley High School who scored four touchdowns against King's in a losing battle. Lycoming also struggles at the quarterback position. More inconsistent play, no continuity. Until they fix that, they will be in close games the rest of the way. For Saturday however, I just do see FDU winning this one, but they could spoil the Warrior's Homecoming Weekend. In the end, it is a Lycoming victory!

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